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Anxiety can teach you much about yourself

Hello everyone,

Firstly I would like to wish all my clients and indeed followers of "It's just a feeling" a very happy and healthy 2018.

I know only too well through my own past experiences that the period over Christmas and the new year can be a challenge and seem diffcult if you are suffering with anxiety or depression so I can understand that this may not have been a happy time, however, I would still want to wish everyone a much better new year and to realiterate that it is possible to regain your quality of life from these conditions, so always keep your hope.

I feel it is important to start the new year with an important blog, and I have given what I would like to say quite some thought.

I wish to talk about anxiety as an essential teacher.

Often anxiety management comes through a shift in how we see it, a different way of seeing what is happening to us or how we are experiencing what we are feeling and with this in mind I would like to talk about how anxiety is an important teacher in the journey of self discovery, if only we notice this by seeing it in a new way.


The rest of this blog is coming soon..