Book Michelle for public speaking events

Over the many years that "It's just a feeling" has been live on the Internet, I have been asked to attend events to tell my story.

People wonder how things transpired in my own life to cause my issues.

They may have an interest in how I managed to overcome my issues and what it was inside me that gave me the drive to create "Its just a feeling" and make it my passion to provide people with the knowledge on anxiety and depression that would help remove some of the fear and bewilderment from the conditions. 

This alone gives people the confidence to begin to facilitate their own recoveries and regain their own quality of life.

I am happy to attend events and tell my story with the purpose of raising awareness and providing education that may help anyone who is suffering from these debilitating symptoms.

This is a chargeable service, covering a small fee for speaking (Proceeds going towards the upkeep of it's just a feeling), travel/meal/accommodation costs depending on distance.

For co-corporate events, I can tailor my package to suit your evening/day time meetings.

Please contact me direct at the Website to book an event or for more information on prices.

Thank you