In the many years that "It's just a feeling" has been live on the Internet, I have received much correspondence from clients contacting the web site desperate to know if they will ever get rid of this "thing" that seems to have happened to them and if they will ever get their quality of life back again?

My Website is written only with my own experiences, however I do also conduct my own research and do actively follow the stories and experiences of others.

With this in mind I do believe that it is absolutely possible to regain control over your symptoms and learn to control them so that you can achieve a life that is virtually panic free. 

Everyone has some nervousness or Anxiety in their life at some point, that is normal. It's the un-helpful Panic or anxiety that happens in situations where there should be no fear that we want to diminish.

It does not matter how anxiety chooses to manifest in you whether you suffer from Panic Attacks, Anxiety, Panic Disorder, Generalised Anxiety Disorder, Social Anxiety, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Phobia's, Obsessive Thoughts or anything else. These conditions all have one cause even though they show in different people in different ways and so therefore they all can be disarmed from the root.

The brain is a changeable organ and it is possible to reverse the effects that Anxiety is having on you and maintain this level of recovery.

It does not matter how bad you think you are you can absolutely achieve a better understanding of yourself and move forwards to a better quality of life.

Better still you can work to remission of your symptoms yourself , however you do have to be realistic about time scales, dedication, courage and hard work (As I learned during my own recovery).

It also takes a good understanding of the function of the Amygdala, how this stores information that cannot be erased and how this affects you moving forwards.

Recovery comes from understanding and accepting essential factors about how this works and then moving forward with this information helping you understand how this can be achieved.

Do not worry any more about staying like this forever as there is absolutely no reason for anyone to stay like this.

I believe it is absolutely possible to regain your quality of life, motivation and zest again, I certainly have been able to move forwards and am able to live and enjoy mine once more.

It does not matter how bad you think you are or how bad you actually are, everyone is capable of regaining their own quality of life and return to normal function. 

I feel sure that I can help you.

If I can do it from where I was then you can too and within the content of this web site my aim is to provide you with the knowledge and experience I have learned along the way, to help to show you how.