*I am currently out of office until the 2nd September 2020- I will respond to emails, bookings and enquires on my return*

My passion to write and maintain "Its just a feeling" has come from my drive to provide the correct information to anyone who is suffering Panic or Anxiety Symptoms.

My mission is to help you to understand anxiety, how it forms, how it manifests, and how to reverse the process. I want to help you gain the knowledge and courage to begin your own recovery from these symptoms and regain your quality of life.

During my time enduring these symptoms, I never had the information and answers I needed and so I probably suffered longer and much more than I ever needed to.

I do not want that to happen to anyone else if I can use my experiences and skills to help them. I have supported many people over the years through their symptoms.

It became really important to me once I had successfully achieved and maintained my own recovery to share my methods with others.

My wish was to stop the confusion and fear that surrounds the conditions which can occur when people are not properly informed about what is happening to them.

I know how hard it can be to reverse and overcome anxiety and depression, It is easy to unravel any positive and to turn it back into a negative, but I also know that with the right knowledge, support, courage and commitment it can be defeated and recovery maintained.

I am pleased to be able to offer the following:

One to one sessions with myself.

There is no limit to the number of sessions that you can book, so if you do feel that you would like additional sessions or support it is fine to book again.

These are not counselling sessions however, I do adhere to the ethical code of practice used in the UK within my work as a life coach and counselling capacity. All clients must adhere to the principles of this code if they undertake work with me, regardless of their location.

One off sessions are available however I prefer to work with a client over 6-12 weeks if possible. This way we can work on anxiety week by week within your own situation.


All sessions are confidential.

I suffered for many years with Anxiety, Panic attacks and Clinical Depression, I know how it feels to be locked in that dark and lonely place. It can help so much to talk through your concerns with someone who has been there and understands how hard this is.

I have been through most treatment process and suffered all the thoughts, sensations and emotions connected with Anxiety and Depression, so I do know what you are going through and nothing will alarm me.

Please do not lose your hope, it does not matter how bad you are, I believe that everyone can learn to overcome Anxiety and Depression and regain their quality of life. You can leave this behind you once you work with yourself and understand your own triggers/reactions and why they happen.

Through the many years that "It's just a feeling" has been live on the Internet, I have supported many people who are feeling symptoms relating to anxiety, with the aim of helping them to facilitate their own recovery.

I do work in a person centred way, this means that the client will guide the session based on their own needs, you are the expert on you, my role will be to help you to understand what is happening to you and to assist in facilitating change within you.

I am happy to discuss my understanding of Anxiety, based on  my own experience and how I facilitated my own recovery, but will not offer advice on a clients own life or medication.

To Book a one to one session which, depending on location will take place face to face or via telephone please follow the instructions below:

1.Please pay via bank transfer:

50 minute session £40

6 sessions that are booked in a block receive a 10% Discount  £216

Bank - Lloyds

Account Name- It's just a feeling

Account Number- 69248960

Sort Code- 30-93-76

Sessions must be paid for in advance and must be paid for up to 48 hours before the session is booked for to confirm the time slot. Sessions that are not paid for 48 hours before our session will not be confirmed and the time slot may be offered to another client.

2. Fill in and submit the referral form. Information supplied on the referral form is treated with the strictest confidence.

3. Please wait to be contacted with available dates for sessions. I will send out our working contractual agreement which will need e-signing and sending back to me before the session takes place.

4. Write back and confirm availability once you have chosen a session from the options given.

*Please be aware there may be short delay between paying for and having your sessions, due to session availability.

*Please also be aware that there may be a short delay in my responses to you as I work with it's just a feeling clients during my spare time around my own work and family commitments. I may not always be able to get back to you immediately, but I will be aware of your contact*

Once the session is paid for, please e-mail me your contact information, I will then try and arrange the session at a mutually convenient time.

Please note that slot's are very limited as it's just a feeling is a resource I run in my spare time, due to my own work commitments as well as my Counselling practice.

Please note the following:

  • Sessions take place via telephone or on a one to one basis, Skype is used as a telephone outside of the UK.
  • I will always call from a withheld or blocked number, please adjust your settings to enable blocked numbers in time for our call.
  • Undertaking sessions with myself is a professional agreement and therefore personal issue or discussion must be limited to within the agreed times of the session only. I am unable to engage in continued discussion outside of sessions and during my own free time. As part of my work I must adhere to professional boundaries.
  • Calls will last one hour and I will inform you a few minutes before the session must draw to a close.

I very much look forward to helping where I can. I want to help you understand what is happening to you and how to reverse the cycle for yourself.

It can be done.

I am living proof of that.

I will look forward to supporting you.