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Please rest assured that all Letters, e-mail correspondence and telephone calls to myself Michelle at are treated in the strictest confidence.

This page is dedicated to informing and providing information on your personal information or any letters, e-mails or telephone conversations that are directed to Michelle at "", please refer to the list below:

Personal Data

I very much value the information provided to me for the purpose of helping my users/site visitors begin to understand their symptoms and begin their own recovery from Panic symptoms and Depression. I will take every precaution to protect any personal data supplied and to safeguard and protect the identity of anybody who does provide me personal information for the purpose of self help.

When a user decides to e-mail sensitive information via the contact us option on the web site, your information will be protected both on and off line and I will do anything possible to protect data from unauthorised sources.

Data Protection will only collect personal information necessary for the provision of the services you are using, such as your name, address (for mail correspondence) or  e-mail addresses so that I can contact you to reply to your request for support. These will include your name and address, your email address, and various other details as necessary. I currently do not collect or keep credit card details, these are collected and used for purchase securely by PayPal. Payments are also protected by PayPal.

Other Website/Links

From time to time I may link to other well established Website for the benefit of my users who may need additional help with a specific issue.

It is not my policy to link to or endorse other private web sites or their content. I may on occasion only link to a NHS or recognised registered charity web site who's content may enhance any care that I can offer.

I do not link to web sites local to Its just a feeling. This web site has a worldwide audience and therefore linking to local web sites or services is irrelevant to the service I am offering.

Changes to the "It's just a feeling privacy policy"

The content of this policy may be subject to change from time to time. Users will always be notified of these changes via this page.

I welcome additional questions regarding my privacy policy and would ask that if you do have a question that you contact me via the contact page.

Thank you.