All the information on this web site has been written from my own knowledge and personal experience of the conditions discussed.

I do have over 20 years experience as a Medical Representative and hold my Pharmaceutical industry qualifications however I am not a Doctor and therefore will not replace advice given by a Doctor. I will never advise on medication.

I strive to make claims which I believe to be true, based on a vast personal knowledge on how I believe that you can recover from Anxiety by turning it off at the source. However I am realistic due to personal experience and will always be honest about the courage and hard work as well as the knowledge and commitment needed to overcome anxiety or Clinical Depression.

I have linked to other sites I believe will help you for information only and not my personal endorsement.

I offer talk sessions to people suffering from Anxiety or Depression, to offer help talking as a recovered sufferer. The aim is to provide hope to people that they can achieve a good quality of life after Anxiety. I do not claim to be anything I am not. I am not Counselling during these sessions, I am using my own experience as a previous sufferer of anxiety and depression to advise b on how I regained my own quality of life. Every person is different and I am aware that different recovery methods will work for different people. I will not advise on personal circumstances or tell anyone how to change their personal circumstances, my aim is to give others confidence that they too can learn coping skills to help with their own symptoms and quality of life.

I work very hard to help as many people as I can gain the confidence to begin their own recovery from anxiety symptoms. I dedicate my life to this cause and my intentions are good however, I cannot be held personally responsible for others interpretation of my words during the chat or in fact state of mind when they enter into one of these sessions, of which I know nothing about. Clients enter into a chat session at entirely at their own risk.

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