I always read your words

Hi Michelle

I didn't know how to leave feedback on your website but I've just read the newish article Anxiety more ways to make you feel better and it was brilliant. I always read your words daily and they help enormously. I am trying to recover but setbacks are a many but as you say I am the driver and I cannot let anxiety take over as it is. I am anticipating going out in an hour but I want to say no, get changed again and not go  But I know I can't so I'm going even with butterflies, wobbly legs, tinitus... I'm going to go.,

( if you want to use  this  as a testimonial that is good with me)  I have read a lot about anxiety but it doesn't calm me like your words as it as if you are there with me. 

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Thank you to everything you are doing to help me and others like me.

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