I wanted to tell you how amazing your site is!


I just want to say how amazing your site is! You speak so much sense and it's so refreashing to hear about the actual process that my brain and mind is going through, instead of these doom and gloom websites that just tell you about how you may feel, but does not explain the process that your brain and thoughts go through which in turn makes you feel lost. I find this so helpful as then i know the feelings and thoughts that i am having are okay and not abnormal. Also this site has has given me so much comfort, knowing i can get through this with a litle help from counciling and my own will power.

I am currently back into the anxiety trap at the moment, but just reading your articles on here has given me great comfort and encouragment to get myself back to my normal bubbly me. I am starting to understand that my brain is trying to play tricks on me, trying to find negative answers to things and that my demon is trying to feed on this, but with this websites help, i am understanding that it's all lies and trickery.

Thank you so much for this! This has changed my life so much. You are amazing! Strong and so generous for trying to get other people back in control and back on track with their lives... Sorry for the essay.

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