I work really hard on the content and information that I place on "Its just a feeling", Panic and Depression were both an overwhelming part of my own life for a very long time and it is important to me to get this right and connect with the people who visit my web site.

During my darest times, I worked hard to figure out how to facilitate my own recovery and during this time it becamee really important to me to document my own journey and findings and reach out to others that maybe suffering as I was. I really wanted to help other people and give them the self confidence and hope that they can get better and life can be good again. When I regained my own quality of life, I stopped dreading every coming minute and began to look forward to life again, the future seemed brighter and exciting and my zest for life had returned. I know that it is possible to get to that point however bad you feel yourself to be, it is my passion to educate and give the self confidence to try and the courage to succeed. The people who click onto and feel a connection with this web site are very important to me, because they are connecting with my words and feeling my confidence and support. I welcome any feedback from the followers of "It's just a feeling" as I continuously strive to improve what I am doing, to develop and improve the content of this web site and reach as many more people as I can.

I love to hear of your feelings, successes or in fact anything else that may help me raise awareness and fight the stigma of Mental Illness I know that together we can beat this.


Please see below any feedback I receive:


How do you thank someone for helping you get your life back? 

Your work is so worthwhile. If ever you put all of the information you have written in a book I will be the first to buy a copy and I may even frame it! 

Amazing Michelle.


(L, Via Email)


Recently my anxiety has returned after not having panic attacks for a number of years. I have never had the reasoning behind anxiety explained fully to me. Your website makes me feel like I am still normal!!, explaining in detail the where's and why's of anxiety. Thank you

(Via Email)


Thank you so much for this website. I have been suffering with panic and anxiety for 2 and 1/2 years. Your website has helped me more than all the dr. visits and meds that have been through. You are a life saver.

(Via Email)

I can not put into words how much Michelle and her website helped me through what was a very frightening time in my life. After a life changing event I suffered a severe panic attack and became locked in the fear cycle. I saw no way out in the initial few weeks but after reading through Its Just A Feeling I began to understand why and what I was going through and slowly I started to get back to the person I once was. I know I would not have been able to get through it without Michelle and her website. I am thankful every day for the work she does and the fact that I stumbled across the website in such early stages of what I can only describe as a living nightmare. Thank you again Michelle for all your help and support.

(K, Via E-mail)


Hi Michelle

I didn't know how to leave feedback on your website but I've just read the newish article Anxiety more ways to make you feel better and it was brilliant. I always read your words daily and they help enormously. I am trying to recover but setbacks are a many but as you say I am the driver and I cannot let anxiety take over as it is. I am anticipating going out in an hour but I want to say no, get changed again and not go  But I know I can't so I'm going even with butterflies, wobbly legs, tinitus... I'm going to go.,

( if you want to use  this  as a testimonial that is good with me)  I have read a lot about anxiety but it doesn't calm me like your words as it as if you are there with me. 


Thank you to everything you are doing to help me and others like me.

L, Via E-mail)


Thank you!!!!!! I stumbled across your blog and it has been so incredibly helpful to me and I just want wanted to say thank you thank you thank you!!!!

(Via E-mail)


Thank you so much for your post on Derealisation. It was by far the most helpful and comforting thing I have read on anxiety. Thank you so much.

(A, Via E-mail)

( A, Via E-mail)

Hi Michelle, just wanted to say thank you for producing the fantastic site. I have anxiety & the information you provide has helped reassure me that what I am experiencing is normal for what I have. I refer back to it a lot when I am feeling overwhelmed. Please keep up the fantastic work!! Thanks x

(Sarah, Via E-mail)


I just wanted to say that your blog and website has got me through so much these past few months. I am so grateful to have found it. Everything I feel is on its just a feeling and it helps me feel less alone. Thank you so much for making it!

(J, Via E-mail)


Dear Michelle, 

I am just emailing in with thanks that you created your website, I have found it very comforting the past year as I've been through a lot.
I have been struggling with derealisation after a bad panic attack in February and I've had reassurance from your words. This is my ''2nd'' time round and I am pulling through with acceptance right now, anxiety came after me when I was 16 years old, I'm now 40! thank you for helping my process along into recovery.

(Via Email)


The information on your website is truly amazing. Thank you so much for taking the time and energy to write it all down, you should be proud of yourself. You've helped me and, I'm sure, countless others understand the roots of, and correct solutions to anxiety. Power to you.

(Via, E-mail)


I have never read a web page that "hit the nail on the head" more than this wed page. This page is absolutely amazing and the most helpful page i have read. My fear response will be activated over very little things and panic and depression soon follow. I am excited to start trying your techniques and see if they work for me. Thank you so much for writing this. Reading your page almost brought me to tears because it feels like i had a "special" type of depression and anxiety that others do not have. Now i feel like I am not the only one who feels how i feel.

(Via Email)


Hello Michelle,

I would just like to say a few words thanking you for having a website that has allowed sufferers with depression and anxiety, such as me, to be able to understand what is happening . I have suffered with depression for some time and although I talked to others about what was happening I never understood why this happens or what was going on, but in the last few months it hit me quite hard again. It was this time around that made me want to confront it and manage it, which prompted me to do my own research . Through this I came upon your website. You've written experiences along with other details that only a sufferer would know about and the techniques and advice you have suggested has helped massively.

Through your work and others I now feel better in how I see myself and in how to approach depression.

Thank you once again.

(Via E-mail)


 Hi Michelle,
Thank you for your website! It has really helped me over the past couple of months. This is an amazing resource. Anxiety and depression is so painful. Itâ??s great to have this advice.

(Via E-mail)


Dear Michelle, 

I just wanted to email you to say a massive thank you. 

 it got so bad that in short I felt I had no one to turn to that would be able to help me but then I found your website. Your website was such a massive turning point for me because I saw that my thoughts and emotions were SYMPTOMS and something that can pass and that I don't have to be stuck with this forever. 
I had a one hour coaching session with you on the phone as well which really, really helped and I bought the book 'Feel the fear and do it anyway' which was on your website. 
Everyday since February I have tried to implement the advice that you have put on your website and when I have a bit of a wobbly day I practise my mindfulness and look on your site for encouragement and to remind myself that I can choose a different path now. 

I have been meaning to write this email for a while now because I truly feel your website has made such a massive difference to my life and if it hadn't been there who knows how far down I would have fallen and how much longer it would have taken to pull myself out. I feel as if I am recovering and now I can look back and not look at this moment in my life with sadness and fear for the future but with gratitude because now I'm in a better place in my life and I have been forced to look at how I was facilitating my anxiety and letting it in. Never again!

I know that you must get lots and lots of emails with people asking for help and advice (including from myself in the past!) and I just wanted to write one to say thank you because your website really has made such a difference, not only has it inspired me but it has really helped to turn my life around. 
So thank you, thank you, thank you for everything. 

(A, Via-E-mail)


I just want to say how amazing your site is! You speak so much sense and it's so refreashing to hear about the actual process that my brain and mind is going through, instead of these doom and gloom websites that just tell you about how you may feel, but does not explain the process that your brain and thoughts go through which in turn makes you feel lost. I find this so helpful as then i know the feelings and thoughts that i am having are okay and not abnormal. Also this site has has given me so much comfort, knowing i can get through this with a litle help from counciling and my own will power.

I am currently back into the anxiety trap at the moment, but just reading your articles on here has given me great comfort and encouragment to get myself back to my normal bubbly me. I am starting to understand that my brain is trying to play tricks on me, trying to find negative answers to things and that my demon is trying to feed on this, but with this websites help, i am understanding that it's all lies and trickery.

Thank you so much for this! This has changed my life so much. You are amazing! Strong and so generous for trying to get other people back in control and back on track with their lives... Sorry for the essay.

(C, Via E-mail)

I love your website because it is so holistic and teaches us that anxiety can be our teacher for the rest of our lives - and even though recovery will come in time (as all things pass) - there still has to be a change of mind and behaviours.

(M, via- E-mail)

I just wanted to say thank you for your website. I suffer from OCD and I have found the information and insights very useful while in the midst of a recent bout. Its empowering to hear the condition described so aptly from someone who has personal experience and knowledge.

(Via E-mail)

Hi Michelle,
Your article on scary irrational and obsessive thoughts has helped me a lot over the last few days. 
Thank you!

(B, Via E-mail)


I just wanted to say thank you with all my heart i am so greatful for the perpective you gave on obsessive thoughts & anxiety

(U, Via E-mail)


Thank you - my biggest issue has been accepting this is anxiety and nothing more - your blog and web pages have been the final confirmaiton i needed and has helped me so much is now accepting and strated to over come my anxiety

Thanks again for the fantastic content and reassurance and help your website provides.

(S, Via E-mail)


I believe God drew me right to your website. Knowledge is power. Just wanted to say thank you for sharing this with us on the web who were looking for answers and understanding. I'm so grateful right now to have come across this site of yours. God bless you -he speaks thru you whether you know it or not.
I am now able to enjoy my life again without being overruled by fear!

(R, Via E-mail)


I just wanted to say thank you! Your site is very helpful. The way you describe the role of the Amygdala is really great. I'm working on staying calm and not exciting my amygdala unnnecessarily. Even when I am checking out in the grocery store I am aware of not getting stressed. It is very helpful and inspiring when the person writing the articles actully has been through anxiety/ocd etc. 
Thank you again!!

(D, Via-Email)


I found your website upon googling how to get rid of an irrational thought. I found the page about irrational/obsessive thoughts, and to my surprise, reading that page helped me immensely in subsiding my irrational thought. I'd just like to thank you so much for the work that you've done and would like to congratulate you on creating a resource that helps so many people.

(J, Via- Email)


Hello Michelle. I just wanted to drop a message saying how much of a blessing yourself an your website has been. For 7 years I went through hell & back with panic attacks then Genralized anxiety disorder & depression. Tried so many different things etc counselling, books, CDs etc etc but nothing worked until I came across your website. 
Your breakdown of the amygdala an how you retrain it by facing your anxiety an exposing yourself to the anxiety an staying there until it passes an dropping the safety behaviours an doing the opposite of your body instinct. It wasn't easy but it is really the only true way to rid your self of this anxiety/panic/fear. 
I will be forever grateful to you an will continue to use your methods an listen to your words an soon hope to book 1 on 1 sessions

(J, Via Email)


I just ran across your site about 10 minutes go. Not only have I had severe anxiety/panic attacks since 1981, but as I have pushed myself to "survive" over the years, I also developed an interest in learning more about the disorder and have often thought about trying to help others. My journey sounds similar to yours, including the fact that traveling is the last one of my issues to overcome - even 35 years later! During my recovery I continued my education and obtained a PhD in neurobiology specifically focused on characterizing the underlying mechanisms in the brain that lead to the development of panic disorder. Yes, I focused on the amygdala :) Please feel free to look up my research articles on PubMed (T. Sajdyk). I would love to learn more about your story. To date I had not come across anyone who I felt could truly understand both the mental, emotional, as well as the physiological aspects of the disorder. Your site is a great resource and it takes a lot of courage to share such personal information. Thank you.

(Via, E-mail)


Thanks, your website has been very instrumental in helping me understand that my thought processes are what is the problem with me, and not that I have some other undiagnosed problem.

(Via, E-mail)


Hi Michelle,
I have this condition for more than 25 years now and have been running round & round in circles. Your website is truly a Godsend. It makes so much sense. I am following it for about a week now. Thank you so much Michelle. I would also like to work for fellow sufferers here in India as I understand the pain.



Your website is truly a Godsent for me and each and every word in it is pure magic.

Being a sufferer for so many years, I understand your explanations perfectly.

I have begun practicing your "way of living" for the past couple of days and it's making a huge lot of difference.

I understand  that the fear monster will give me a long & tough fight and I am ready for it. Like you suggested, I have welcome him into my life.

I have been practicing mindfulness meditation for last six months and now that I have read your explanation on the fundamentals of anxiety disorders, it's making so much more sense in the context of controlling it.

I can't thank you enough for publishing your website and writing back to me. Love you from the core of my heart.

(Via E-mail)



I am from Sudna. I stumbled upon your lucid and highly informative site and I want to thank you for putting it together.

(Via E-mail)


Hi Michelle,
Thank you for your website. I have been looking for something like this for years. Thank you for all your hard work.

(Via. E-mail)


Here I am at 12 am writing this
I thought i was going insane, I was so scared, I thought I was alone with the thoughts and worries. I thought there was somthing wrong with me because of my anxiety
Thank you so very much you've changed my life.
Youre truely a god sent.

(R, Via E-mail)


Thanks for your response. I hope you like the book, if not that's ok too. I have told many people about your website. Do you have a Facebook page? I'd love to spread the word. 

If ever you come to Australia I'd love to know!

The books and psychologist I'm seeing have been fantastic but nothing has helped me understand and feel understood like your website. If not for that I'm sure I'd still think I was mad.

(L, Via E-mail)


I just wanted to say thank you for this website. My anxiety sky rocketed after the birth of my second child. I came across this site and found so much of it relevant to me. I think at the beginning everything is so scary and I believed no one had felt like I did. I found this site and it helped me lots. I have the article on setbacks bookmarked to my phone for when I have an off day.

(Josie, Via E-mail)


"I went on your Website, great site and great blogs. I will be a regular visitor to it, it helps lots for me and and many others" 

(Lee Via the Twitter page)

"Your blog is awesome, its a lifesaver for anyone with anxiety disorders."

(Kai via the Web Site)

"Thanks for the free coaching- that was greatly appreciated. I looked at your site and was amazed at how familiar it all seems ha ha!. You are the only person out of many many "professionals" who I found could translate it all so well. So - thanks and let me know when you have completed your NLP because I would be interested in giving it a go!"

(PTSD sufferer)

"Hi Michelle thanks for the chat today and thank you for introducing me to your Website. It is very good and explains things even better than my bible feel the fear! ( I forgot what you said his name was) but the guy who told you that you were a clever lady was spot on!"

(Panic Attack Sufferer)

Am so proud of you!

We did an exercise in Self Esteem class this afternoon.....

We had to write about who had influenced us as adults, adolescents and as a child and how they affected our self esteem

You were the first person i thought of!

I am so proud to have you as my friend. you are proof that you can battle and survive mental illness and be hugely successful and achieve your dreams.

Thank you for being such an awesome role model

I love you loads x

( My Friend Helen, who herself has bravely battled Mental Health Issues and took the time to send me this lovely note)

I just wanted to tell you my "story". I found your Website while searching for more information about GAD, and I must say it's the best Website about anxiety I've come across. It's not made by doctors or practitioners who haven't actually experienced anxiety, but by someone who knows what she's talking about. It gives me a lot of hope to read the different sections and to get helpful advice

(Fredrik GAD sufferer via e-mail)

I really like your Website. Your the first person to say the right things to me in over 20yrs of having an Anxiety Disorder with Agoraphobia. Thank you.

(Krista Anxiety Disorder/Agoraphobia Sufferer Via E-Mail)

Hey I and really like your blog

(Muneera Via e-mail)

I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to write this Website. I feel a lot of synergy with you as I too am a medical rep!

(Rachel Anxiety Sufferer via e-mail)

Just saw your Face Book Post about your Website its just a feeling. I am not sure if I am out of place saying this as we have only been in contact about other stuff, but I have to say I think its fantastic. I am sure that you are helping a huge number of people. I have suffered from Severe Depression and chronic hard core self harm and I know how difficult life can be at times. You should be so proud of all you are doing.

(Alison, Depression and self harm sufferer, via message)

Your Website is one of my favourites. Informative, understanding, easy to read and most of all comforting and encouraging. A big thanks!

(Paula, Via E-mail)

Hello there, I just wanted to thank you for what is a wonderful Website that is full of helpful information and genuine good will. Having browsed through so many other sites I found myself expecting to be sold some sort of expensive book or "wonder CD" just at the point where a secret cure is revealed... But no, and how refreshing. A real person, with real experience and genuinely altruistic intentions. By sharing your experiences and findings, and expressing them so freely and clearly you have helped me personally. I am currently experiencing a very, very low period in my life which has become deeply blighted by anxiety, depression - and lately extremely disturbing intrusive thoughts. I have been under a lot of stress lately, and with a stag do on the horizon I have reached my wits end... I have successfully coped with depression and anxiety for over ten years, and thought I could handle anything - until a new phenomena of disturbing thoughts invaded my life and h as brought me crashing down to a low which I have never thought possible. Your explanations, and your point that these thoughts are only occurring because I am clearly very depressed/ anxious has really hit home for me. As you say, knowledge is indeed power, and I find your reasoning to be extremely helpful. I know that time will heal my current bout of illness, it's just so difficult to maintain perspective when one is so low and engrossed in suffering - as I'm sure you know from experience. But the kind words of advice coupled with clinical facts on your Website have at least restored my hope and determination to endure this dark time. Thank you, thank you so much. Yours, M

(M , via E-mail)

Your Website is one of my favourites. Informative, understanding, easy to read and most of all comforting and encouraging. A big thanks!

(Paula, via E-mail)

You're an angel Michelle. The title of your Website alone, helped me through a difficult period yesterday. A million thanks for all the hard work you do to help people get over this terrible condition. I hope that I, too, will win through this one day.

(Teri, Via E-mail)


I just wanted to say thank you. I'm in tears. I'm so glad I came across this site. I felt so alone and like I was losing my mind. Your Website has answered so many questions and it actually gives examples and ways to help overcome. It's been a long, lonely, depressing journey and I've tried everything. Medications, therapy, etc but no one said anything remotely close to what you've stated on this site. I wish I'd found it years ago. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much! If no one else has said it, you've played a part in saving my life.

(Graison, Via E-mail)

Hi Michelle,
Just wanted to say a quick thank you,
I am 10 days into my first major relapse of GAD (had it for around 6 years now),
Came across your Website and have found it easily the best one out there for anxiety (and I'm a firm advocate for MIND, so high praise indeed :D ), you go deeper into irrational thoughts, your content is extensive and not just your standard run of the mill 'CBT & Medication', the Website layout is user friendly and your information is thorough but still personal (very holistic for me),
Am looking forward to implementing some of your tips/advice,
If there is anything I can do to help with your efforts please let me know.
Healthy Regards,

(Jason, Via Email)


Hi Michelle,
Thank you for your post on the Amygdala. Finally I can understand my fears. I have recently been diagnosed with PTSD and I have had the sneaky feeling that `I got life wrong`. This is as a result of my conditioning , fear conditioning to be precise. I am excited now to work on reversing the effects of that , but first I needed to understand the function of the Amygdala. You have explained it so well and it removes the shame and stigma of being labelled a `sissy and too sensitive` etc.
Thank you ever so much for your insight.

(Londiwe, Via Email)


Hi Michelle,

Thank you for taking the time to reply, it was very thoughtful of you.

I have found your website a enormous source of strength and I have and will continue to apply your tips and advice to my recovery. 

(John, Via Email)


Hi Michelle

Thank you….

Oh you website has helped me a lot ..it makes so much of sense to me …

I have been reading and reading and at times go back to the site to fully understand and let me tell you it has been a huge help for me.

I understand the panic cycle ..Thoughts, Fears and Behaviour …

I am really grateful for your website …and one day I hope I can be just like you where I can also help people out there.

(D, Via Email)


Hi Michelle,
I just stumbled upon your blog because I have been irrational "black thoughts" swirling around in my mind that were really ugly and I was starting to thing I was going completely crazy...but you article helped calm me and helped me understand that it's a normal part of anxiety.What I just read from you made me feel like I'm not crazy, and not alone. I just wanted to thank you!

(Rachel, Via Email)


Hi Michelle

I'm sure I'll have more to say once I read through everything. But for now I've read about the negative thoughts and how hey are a symptom of it. I've suffered from anxiety for 11 years and at the moment I'm the worst I've ever been. Why hasn't anyone told me this before!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!

(Leanne , Via Email)


Hi Michelle I just wanted to say how helpful and inspiring your website is after reading about agoraphobia and panic disorder both of which I have been diagnosed with for 22 years! I think there is light at the end of the tunnel after reading your story I agree with what you say there is not enough help out there for agoraphobia.

(Thel, Via Email)



Thank you for this website. It was just what I needed today. Your information on depersonalisation and the panic cycle were very comforting and reassuring.

(Scott, Via E-mail)