How to Contact Michelle

*I am currently out of office until the 2nd September 2020- I will respond to emails, bookings and enquires on my return*

The "Its just a feeling" web site has now been live on the Internet for many years and I will continue to develop it as much as I can to aid recovery from Anxiety, Panic and Depression. I will always make it my life's work to help anyone who would like my support in finding a remission of symptoms and regaining their quality of life. It is my passion and something I feel very strongly about.I will always try to help whoever takes the time to get in touch with me and I will try (time permitting) to answer anybody who gets in touch personally If I can. Please be aware though that it may take me a little time to answer as I get lots of emails.

Below are a number of ways that you can contact me direct:

By email

By far the easiest way to contact me, please go to the contact tab at the top right hand side of the website or click here .

Fill in your details and your query and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Please note I do not work during the weekends and so I would only reply Monday to Friday unless I am away from my office.

I do not send detailed replies via email offering advice as words can easily be perceived differently to how I intended them or misinterpreted if they are written rather than spoken, however I will acknowledge your email. My purpose is not to give advice on personal circumstances that I know nothing about, it's just a feeling is more about using my own journey and what helped me during that journey to support others who may be experiencing anxiety symptoms.


You are able to speak to me direct via telephone or Skype

I am pleased to offer coaching sessions either in person or online within the UK and via Skype outside of the UK. Here you are able to speak to me direct and I can help you to understand what is happening to you, how to reverse what is happening to you in terms of anxiety symptoms, and how to make better more positive memories and choices in the future. I can help you to understand how to maintain your recovery and understand the importance of having a good maintenance program in place.

Coaching sessions in understanding your anxiety can be very beneficial and I have worked with many people over multiple sessions to help them regain their own quality of life.

Here is the link:

Please note:

Coaching sessions are chargeable.

Sessions are by prior arrangement only at a mutually convenient time.

Please do not send messages asking me to just phone a number without following the link and arranging an appointment through the correct channel as I will be unable to contact you in that way.

Please read my disclaimer before booking a chat session.


Private one to one sessions

One to one sessions regarding Anxiety as well as Life Coaching sessions are available now to book.

These sessions are chargeable.

I am a trained counsellor and Life Coach however, I offer anxiety coaching to potential clients of It's just a feeling. Although coaching has differences to counselling I do still apply an ethical approach to protecting clients wellbeing and I apply my coaching work to within the boundaries of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapists guidelines.

I very much look forward to hearing from you and look forward to helping where I can.

On a final note, feedback is very important to me on any aspects of the  "It's just a feeling web site or from my direct help. Feedback helps me to understand how to improve what I do in helping as many people as I can. If you feel able to provide me any feedback regarding my website and services I would appreciate it.


Thank you