Mindfulness or meditation as it is sometimes described is a simple tool, yet can be very effective in helping you to calm your anxious mind and find peace and stillness in the midst of your Panic Symptoms and Depressive repetitive thoughts.

Beginning to practice Mindfulness takes a little time each day and requires you to commit to taking this time and to keep at it until you begin to see results.

It's such a powerful tool to aid you not only to learn to control your symptoms of  Anxiety and Depression, but also to help you to stay well in the long term too.

Mindfulness is all about training your mind to "just be" and to stay in the present moment.

When you panic it is always because you were thinking of something that happened in the past or something that you think may happen in the future. It is impossible to panic in the present moment and therefore this is why mastering the art of Mindfulness could potentially help you so much.

Living in the moment is what you did before you learnt to be anxious, and that is how life should be, living each moment just as it comes.

Panic , Anxiety and Depression cruelly take away your ability to be in the present moment, instead dragging you into a cycle of guilt and regret about your past and fear of  catastrophes in the future.

Practising Mindfulness helps you to centre yourself and to learn to find moments of complete calm and stillness somewhere in the chaos that makes up Anxiety, Panic and Depression. Instead of being overwhelmed by your issues, you can learn to be more accepting and detached and in turn cope much easier with anything that life decides to throw at you.

Anyone can learn mindfulness it only takes commitment to learn and a small amount of time put aside each day.

It can help you to understand yourself and your emotions and to observe your states of mind as they come and pass through, it strengthens your attention, concentration and can teach you to detach from people, situations and thinking habits and behaviours that are no longer serving you.

Mindfulness can help to improve your relationship with yourself as well as other relationships and its critical and proven in the fight against stress symptoms, Anxiety, Panic and Depression as well as addictive behaviours.

Mindfulness can also have a positive effect on physical illnesses too such as Hypertension, Heart disease as well as pain.

Learning to practice the art of Mindfulness effectively can be absolutely life changing, I cannot stress this enough, and it can be applied anywhere. It is worth putting the effort in to learn for yourself

There are lots of really good books on the subject, one that I liked is:

"Mindfulness a practical guide to finding peace in a frantic world" It's by Mark Williams and Danny Penman and is well worth a read.

There are also lots of really useful web sites on the subject too when you Google "Mindfulness", as well as courses that you can do online or in person around the UK.