News Updates from me and I will be blogging about Anxiety again very soon

Hello everyone,

It feels appropriate to give a brief update as I feel that I have been absent from my blog page now for quite some time!

I have been experiencing a very busy time in my academic life as I have had to meet all the deadlines to pass my Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling. It has been a 4 year journey, but I am pleased to tell all my followers that I am now officially qualified as a Therapeutic Counsellor. I have been working with two placements during the final two years and have built up my practice hours as a volunteer working with client's with a broad range of emotional issues.

At the same time as completing my counselling diploma, I also studied therapy with children as well as working on a placement with children specifically using play therapy to meet the practical and theoretical expectations of my qualification requirements. I now have two additional Diplomas in counselling children and young people.

I will now be working within my private practice, supporting adults, children and young people through emotional difficulty, however I would like to reassure everyone who follows and does take comfort from "It's just a feeling" that the website is very important to me,  as is my work and passion for supporting people who are experiencing anxiety, and therefore will be continuing.

There is a small change to the website in that I will no longer offer Skype calls to client's outside of the UK.

I appreciate that this may be disappointing to some, however it is quite difficult for me to facilitate these calls due to the time differences with the UK and the fact that I work with clients on It's just a feeling during my spare time and around my own work commitments. I am also aware that I too need reflection time and time with my family and so have made the difficult decision to work within the United Kingdom only.

United Kingdom Counselling ethics are often different to the ethical code used in other countries and this is also something I do now need to take into consideration.

The website will still be available all over the world and there is lots of free information, my blog and of course MP3 downloads and CD's available to order. I am currently working on the Fear Monster training packs and they too will soon be available to all.

During my spare time I am still working from Agoraphobic to Ironman and this years big challenge is an Olympic Distance Triathlon which I have been training hard for. This will take place next week, so I will keep everyone posted as to how I get on.

My goal is to complete a middle distance next year and a full distance Ironman during 20/20, to raise awareness of mental health and to demonstrate just how far anyone can go after experiencing symptoms of anxiety- it really is possible.

So those are my updates, I will be back to my anxiety blog very soon,

Take care everyone,


Michelle x




Thank you Michelle! Your website really helped me understand and deal with my new "friend", panic disorder and the fear monster. Sure, there's hundreds of websites out there, but I really connected with your writing style about your experience. I check back here periodically and hope you are doing well. You can see the stats from your website and know you've helped a lot of people. Thank you so much for taking the time to write about your experience.

Posted by Barry , on Friday 28th September 2018, 10:29 AM

This is the first time I have heard of you and look forward to seeing if you can help with my overwhelming anxiety. I am 75 and have tried everything to enable me to enjoy the remaining years of my life. I have suffered from an early age as a result of sexual and psychological abuse by my father from an early age until I left home to get married.

Posted by Susan , on Sunday 9th September 2018, 5:58 PM

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