You do not think differently to anyone else and you are not the only one with unique or very serious symptoms

Hello everyone,


I hope that this new June blog post finds you all as healthy and well as you can be and working towards overcoming any issues that you may have with Anxiety and Panic or Depression.

I have put some thought into what I would like to say in this blog because this is an issue that raises its head time and time again as people struggle to come to terms with symptoms and thoughts that are associated with these conditions.

When I personally speak with anyone whom is suffering from Anxiety,Panic or Depression symptoms,  almost everyone is of the belief that they are the only person feeling like this and that their symptoms are totally unique and very severe. In fact much more severe than anyone else's who is suffering too!

When I say that they believe that they are the only person suffering from this, I mean that often they know that others too suffer from these conditions,  but they feel that in some way that their Anxiety is different to other peoples and that the thoughts and physical sensations that they are having could only be happening to them and that they are much worse than the "norm".

Well I am pleased to say that you are in fact NO different to anyone else and your thoughts and feelings are the norm for Anxiety and Depression and that of a person who is not Anxious and Depressed, however thinking that you are not normal in some way is driving your fear and making you worse.

Because of your hyper tense state the only difference between your current thinking thoughts and feelings and that of someone who is not currently in the this state is that your thoughts and feelings are magnified. You will also tend to concentrate on the more negative thoughts, giving them a "most important status" and accept them as real, even though all negative thoughts are in fact distorted in some way. This concentration on certain thoughts drives negative physical sensations and then negative avoidance behaviours which drives the cycle keeping it strong and current.

This becomes a habit and this habit becomes consuming as it has your focus, you will then go round and round in this cycle until you begin to stand back from it and see all the "spaghetti" such as the content of thoughts and feelings as Anxiety and Depressive symptoms and nothing more, removing your focus and concentration away from it and back onto everyday life.

Let me explain,

Everyone everyday has a variety of thoughts regardless of whether they are Anxious, Depressed or not. In fact 50,000 to 70,000 per day. They are a variety of happy, sad, good and bad for every person. That is normal.

If I was to ask you genuinely ask you just how many of those thoughts you do actually remember it would probably be about 40 at the most and even then you would have to probably methodically recall your day in order to trigger your ability to remember your thoughts. So what happens to the thoughts you cannot remember?

Most thoughts pass over with no attention put on them, and so we struggle to recall them at a later date. This is only because they were not relevant to our current mood and sense of wellbeing and so we paid them no attention and gave them non of our focus, when this happens thoughts pass quickly regardless of their content.

The thoughts that stay are the ones we have given attention and focus that it's all. It does not mean that we think differently to others.

Anxious and Depressed type thoughts are the bad and scary ones that are driven by a sense of fear generated by an excess of adrenalin and low mood, remember these cycles need to really scare you to keep you stuck!

These thoughts are driven initially from the overwhelming fear generated by the initial onset of stress or depression symptoms and then become a habit when they have our focus.

They do not mean that we think or are different in anyway than a person who does not suffer from Anxiety, Panic or Depression, just that we have paid attention to the wrong kind of thought to keep us happy and then focused on it and become fearful. We then label ourselves different to others for thinking it. This then drives low mood and more concentration on the negative.

Lots of people have the same type of anxious or depressive thoughts on a bad day or because they are going through some negative life event such as an illness or divorce or bereavement, but once they have dealt with the life event the thoughts pass over- why?

Well because they never labelled it either Anxiety  in their own minds they just associated it with the negative life event and moved on as soon as the situation was over.

That in itself should show you that these thoughts and feelings are a CREATE and only stay around because you form habits that keep you there.

You are no different to any other person in how you think, you are just paying attention to the wrong thoughts generated by your mood and focus, you have the thoughts, fear them, feel associated physical sensations, create avoidance behaviours in your quest to protect yourself from something that is not dangerous and then the habits become solid and stick. This is the cycle that must be broken, the content of the thoughts are irrelevant in the bigger picture.

There is always a diffent way of looking at things and a different perspective on everything.

Secondly, what you fear when you are anxious is no worse than anything anyone else who is anxious fears. You are not much worse than them and not un curable because the fears are generated by the anxiety cycle and the content is irrelevant.

You do not fear what you are focusing on, you fear the fearful feelings you get when you think about what you think you fear.

Once you stop fearing one thing, the anxiety cycle will give you another thing to fear until you break the cycle.

Solve the bigger issue and the fears will melt away.

Your fear is not greater than anyone else's and your fears are not so bad that you are the only one with a much worse fear than someone else with the fear that can't be cured.

All fear can be resolved. I refuse to believe anything else as I know that is true. In my mind there is not one person anywhere who cannot resolve their issues with Anxiety or Depression, no matter how bad they are.

It is just about seeing it differently and working to enter remission of symptoms in the right way.

In conclusion, you are not odd, different, or ill. You are just the same as anyone else, NORMAL. Whilst still been a wonderful, unique individual as we all are.


I hope that my blogs helps you to gain further understanding.

Until my next one..


Wishing you all good health and happiness,


Michelle x




Thank you so much for this blog! I have been in a horrible state of panic, anxiety and worry and feel like I'm losing control of my mind. I've convinced myself that I'm dying and have some sort of horrible disease. I need all the help and encouragement I can get. I feel so alone and like I'm the only person experiencing this horrible and disabling disorder. Someone please help me with any tips or ways to cope. Thank you all!

Posted by Regan , on Wednesday 10th August 2016, 2:24 AM

Hi Michelle can u help me

Posted by sinead , on Saturday 6th August 2016, 1:53 PM

Thank you so much for these blog posts. I've been struggling with anxiety and depression and it's been the worst experience of my life but your blog is so encouraging! I get so afraid that I'll never be free from my thoughts but reading this has been amazingly helpful! Thanks so much for the support :)

Posted by Ally , on Saturday 16th July 2016, 3:30 PM

Thank you so much. You help us all the people who struggle with anxiety bad thoughts to understand deeply our situation and to move on with less stress. And to feel that we are normal! Thanks again! I sounds like you have been in hell and back!

Posted by Chrissa , on Friday 17th June 2016, 7:20 PM

This is exactly where I get stuck.. I love this so much.. Your website & information is amazing. So glad I stumbled on it when I did almost 2 months ago when this all started.. Thank you from the US!! <3

Posted by Melissa , on Friday 17th June 2016, 12:49 PM

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