I would like to cover what Neuro Linguistic Programming is as it does seem to help some people, let's look at what this theory is and how it works. I will call it NLP for short.

Well NLP was developed in the early seventies through the combined work of John Grinder ( Assistant professor of linguistics at the University of California)and Richard Bandler (Student of Psychology at the University).

Together the two studied three top therapists and their ways of practice.

They did not actually intend to start a new way of practice, rather they wanted to identify patterns that were used by them and pass them onto others. What they noticed was that the three therapists were very different personalities, yet they all used surprisingly similar underlying patterns.

So John and Richard took these patterns, refined them and built their own model which can now be used for effective communication, personal change, accelerated learning and to build greater enjoyment of life.

At the same time both guys were living close to Gregory Bateman who was a British writer on communication and anthropologist, he was important in the creation of NLP.

So NLP has two directions. Firstly as a process to discover patterns of excellence in any field and secondly, to develop effective ways of thinking and communicating.

NLP in short is a set of models, skills and techniques to enable you to think and act effectively in the world. The very purpose is to be useful, to increase choice and enhance quality of life.

NLP is a manufactured Theory based on the findings of Grinder and Bandler.

NLP has expanded rapidly over the years and has positively impacted the lives of millions. And learning and applying these techniques can improve confidence and enhance performance in Therapy, sales, business and many other areas.

So how does NLP work to help people overcome their own Panic or Depressive symptoms?

NLP's creators claim that there is a connection between the neurological processes (Neuro), language (Linguistic) and behaviour patterns which are learned through experience (programming).

These can be changed to help you reach specific goals in life. The skills of exceptional people can be modelled using NLP methods and then those skills can be acquired by anyone.

The creators Bandler and Grinder also claim that NLP can be used really effectively to treat problems such as specific phobia's, Anxiety Disorders and Depression as well as a whole host of other areas and I believe this to be very true.

After all when you change the way you think and behave and you are able to have a huge impact on your quality of life

I find that by learning NLP techniques, you can begin to change the way that you are reacting to Panic, Depression and Phobia's and NLP together with Mindfulness can be really effective for some people in changing the way they look at things and working towards remission from symptoms of Anxiety, Panic Attacks or Depression.