When I decided to write this website, I was beginning to recover after twelve long years searching for answers and struggling with myself each and everyday.

I felt lonely and isolated for all of this time and when I found my answers, It kind of changed the way I saw my condition and I just knew that I had to share my knowledge with those also locked in and struggling with their own Anxieties.

I wanted to help them and try to take away the loneliness and isolation that I know they are feeling.

I also wanted to speak openly about Mental health and do my bit to help overcome the stigma associated with speaking out as its nothing to be ashamed of.

Many many people will go through this too, at some point in their lifes.

If I can help just one person get the answers they seek to recover and move on instead of struggling as much as I have when they do not need to, then putting everything I know down on paper will have been worth it.

So with all this in mind...

Do you have a story you would like to share of how you overcame your own Depression, Panic and Anxiety issues?

Do you know of a book or treatment that really helped you along the way that I can add to the site to help others?

Use the form below to send us anything that may help someone else who is currently struggling, it could really help them to know they are not alone.

We are all in this together and we can do lots to help each other.

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