Lets now focus on how to achieve quality of life back from Panic and Anxiety symptoms. Within the following sections I am going to talk to you about different methods that you can use to feel better and how to begin to put steps in place to begin to move towards developing your own coping strategies and achieving remission of your symptoms.

I will start by saying it is my belief that anyone can learn to cope and control their own Anxiety symptoms and regain their quality of life. It does not matter how bad you feel you are, it is entirely possible to get these symptoms under control.

First, it is important to learn to do this in a way that you, your body and mind understand. This comes from understanding what is happening to you and then learning to re train your mind and body to respond to panic and anxiety symptoms in a way that calms them down and not continue to work them up.

The way that you are reacting to the way you feel is what is causing these unhelpful symptoms and fears to form and grow. Not understanding what is happening within this cycle and following your natural instinct to stay safe from something that is not dangerous, is what will continue to keep you stuck and make you worse. 

Essentially you are protecting yourself from something that you are creating yourself and is not dangerous. You are not out of control, you are very much in control.

Once people suffer from these symptoms they often become such a habit that people carry round their fear like a comfort blanket, unsure of how to let it go or live without it.

So, let us look at this logically, lets learn together how this works and what keeps us stuck and ultimately learn to disarm our enemy at the root.

It is entirely possible to re train yourself our of these unhelpful habits as the brain is a changeable organ. You can develop coping techniques to control your symptoms until they become manageable. This done the correct way, with the correct understanding will ensure that every Panic symptom or Anxiety Disorder can be brought to an end.

What you have developed is a learned reaction to an emotion, that is all. These can be really treatable problems once you learn how to respond to your symptoms in a way in which you calm them down and learn to lose your fear of them.

One very important point. Stop churning over how this happened, where it came from and what it will mean. This is fruitless and they are questions that you may never ever work out the answers to. It is important to focus on where you are right now and concentrate your efforts in moving forwards. Churning thoughts like this do not solve Anxiety Disorders, this churning and constant focus on your perceived problem is actually a symptom of anxiety and will only keep it alive.

Everything you do to protect yourself will keep you stuck. Working against your instinct to protect yourself is what will free you from this.

Opposite is the key. Understanding is the key. Living normal life to encourage normal life is the key.

You cannot change what has happened to you, it's part of who you are. You can also not avoid yourself, and you must allow feelings to process.

So many people do anything they can not to feel this Anxiety. This may reduce your fear in the short term but will only make the fear go up in the long term. Feelings cannot process and diminish if they are not felt. This is impossible. You must feel this fear to process it. Your short term fear must go up to make the long term fear go down, not the opposite way round.

Let me talk through the Panic cycle and how it makes up the symptoms that you are feeling.

Anxiety and the cycle it creates does involve three aspects

  • Thoughts
  • Feelings
  • Behaviours

It's vital when overcoming Panic and Anxiety to identify these three aspects and understand that together they are all in operation to keep you feeling as you do and the cycle going. The aspects cannot survive without each other.

Knowledge is power and understanding the real mechanics of what is happening will go a long way in your understanding of yourself, why you are acting as you are and being able to start to stand back from your Anxiety and see it for what it is.

This is a process that your body and mind are in and the process needs to be able to allow to happen so that you can get your life back. It is so important to understand that if you want normal life as you knew it to return, you have to get back into the routine of living normal life, by this I mean the life you lived and the decisions you made when you were not anxious.

To learn this you need to drop your guard and let this process happen. By doing so you will learn its harmless and stop fearing it. This will break the cycle. Distraction or avoidance in my personal experience will give these feelings and way to return.

Remember Panic and Anxiety do not stop you living your life or doing anything, You always have a choice. You may feel bad for a while doing things until this calms down, but that is a very small price to pay when you look at the bigger picture, calmness and enjoyment of life once again.

On the following pages, I want to look in greater detail at those three aspects that make up the Anxiety cycle.