Drop in Sessions

Often the wait from the first presentation of symptoms to the opportunity to see a Counsellor within the NHS is a long one.

Months of living with Anxiety and Panic symptoms with no real support can be really frightening for patients, and can become a huge drain on NHS resourses as the symptoms often generate multiple appointments with GP's and other mental health services.

I am able to offer drop in sessions where I visit surgeries and speak to groups of up to 6 people, each session is an hour in duration. This is an informal setting where people have the opportunity to sit down with me and talk through their own worries as well as asking any questions that they may have. Most importantly it gives the opportunity to see that it is possible to gain remission of these symptoms.I am able to talk through my own story, how I learned to reverse my own symptoms and my methods as well as answering any questions that patients may have as a result of the symptoms they are facing during their own journey with Anxiety or Panic Attacks.

Groups such as these have been shown to be really effective. It can be a very powerful message for people feeling that they will never get over their own Anxieties and low mood to meet with someone who has achieved long term remission and truly understands what is happening to them. It can really help a patient to talk through their worries and fears with someone who has been in the same situation and has come out of the other side. It can be an invaluable tool, offering knowledge, courage and hope while removing some of the fear associated with these symptoms.

With the current mental health system waiting times to see a Therapist, this service is best used in the time period after first presentation of symptoms and seeing a Therapist.

If you have an interest in booking a drop in session or would like to speak to me directly about what I may be able to offer your organisation and are a Health Centre or a Medical Professional, please get in touch and I will contact you with more details. 

There is a small charge for this service as well as a request for travel expenses.

I am happy to taylor my package to meet with your specific needs.

Please contact me to discuss further your requirements, both in terms of expectation and time scales and I will contact you as soon as possible to discuss.


Thank you.