Feedback from Healthcare Professionals

I am very proud to receive feedback from Healthcare professionals working within the mental health industry.


Having spent many years working within the medical Industry myself, I know it can be difficult to gain any type of endorsement for a web site such as this as Medical professionals will often not give feedback unless for example I was to add medical data such as clinical trials.

I debated quite a lot knowing this, but for me ultimately my drive from writing "It's just a feeling" came from within and had to come from me, who I was, who I am, my experiences and personal knowledge of hhaving actually been in that dark place. It was not about filling the site with clinical data to gain medical endorsement.

It was about all my followers relating to a person who has sat in their shoes and felt the way they have and most importantly give them hope that this can come right again. I made the decision to write from the heart and allow a person from a non medical back ground to see the real me, not to get bogged down in clinical papers and then not relate to anything I have written or understand it.

I understand that this may not result in me getting much in the way of comments from the medical profession that I can place on here and I understand the reasons why, however "It's just a feeling" from a medical perspective can be and is widely used as a patient resource, giving the patient this option as part of the freedom to explore ways of working towards recovery that is right for them. Not everyone relates to everything and it is often all about a patient finding the way that is begins to develop recovery for them. This Website used as an option may well be the resource that works for them.

I hear from many medical professionals who maybe don't leave comments but have referred patients to the Website and I am immensely proud to hear that my details are being passed around as it shows that my dedication to raising awareness to this cause is reaching more people in need. In my darkest days, for me the journey and recovery was always going to be about eventually using my experience as someone who has suffered from both Panic Disorders and Depression to help others during their own journey.

I am delighted when a Mental Health professional feels that this web site may help a client/patient that they are treating within their own practice.

Please see below any feedback I receive:


I have given out your website address to a number of my patients and in particular for those having anxiety/ panic disorders & I am getting good feedback from them which is helping to reduce their attacks or severity - many Thanks 

(Health Care Professional, West Yorkshire)


Glad that you are using your experience to help others- You are right, it's not the emotion itself that is the problem but how we feel about having had that emotion. Likewise it is not the thought that derails us, but rather our fear about what the thought says about us. Thoughts and feelings are just commentary in our lives, not marching orders.

(Dr Steven Brownlow Psychologist, Via Twitter)


Hi Michelle


Thank you for the CDs they arrived today. I am a CBT therapist and like you I believe a lot of things happen sub consciously in the brain so I have learnt over the years to adapt my therapy to take this into account and am very selective what information I teach my patients in relation to thoughts and the sensations they experience. When I saw your articles it is practically the same as what I teach using the amygdala, exposure and also using a lot of mindfulness strategies. The results fortunately have been excellent. Well done on the work you have produced – I think it is excellent and I love your drive to help others. I will be ordering more CDs off you as I know they will help a lot of the people I treat. Keep up the good work

(Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist, Ireland)



Really love the Website. Will recommend to clients suffering panic attacks!

(Counselling Psychologist, Durham and Darlington NHS Foundation Trust)


Dearest Michelle

I feel compelled to send you a message.

During last few weeks alone, I've met a high number of patients who have been suffering significantly with mental health problems as a result of their continence issues. For each patient I have felt out of my depth but it has been to my relief to be able to offer them your Website address to view at their leisure.
I have used your resource, personally and professionally, on a number of occasions over time but nothing like the frequency I have recently - Thank You.

Yes! A big Thank You for compiling the Website and showing others there is a positive way forward, reducing the stigma and presenting an honest and open approach to tough issues we can all face.

Best wishes
Urology/Continence Nurse (Yorkshire)