What is Life Coaching?

Life Coaching is a process that takes you from where you are now, to where you want to be.

It is all about understanding who you are and what is keeping you from becoming who you want to be. Its not about remaining stuck in unhelpful thinking patterns and negative behaviours, working through this process will help you to approach difficultly with a different mindset and change any negative patterns which are acting as a barrier to stop you becoming who you want to be and living the life that you want to live.

  • What are your values, beliefs and aspirations?
  • How can you learn to be happy and work towards the life you dream of?

Working with a life Coach can help you to be the best that you can be, helping you find the belief and motivation that you can be who you want to be and achieve your goals.

The process can be very rewarding and can help you to remove negative thinking habits and behavioural patterns that block you from achieving what you want to in your life. It could well be one of the best investments that you ever give yourself.

Find out how to change elements of your thinking and behaviours that are not working for you, feel motivation, and set the foundation to a better future and quality of life.

I trained as a Life Coach as it was really important to me not just to provide the information to help you to put your Panic and Anxiety symptoms into remission but also to ensure that they stay in remission. It is for me about whole care for my clients, not just through these awful symptoms but beyond.

I want to be able to do everything I can to help you to faciliate change in yourself that with give you the future that you aspire to, but often are not sure how to get to.

When your symptoms have reached the remission stage, often it can be confusing to work out how to move forwards, achive your dreams and live the Panic free lfe that you always wished for. Sometimes it can be all too easy to fall back into the negative patterns that caused your symptoms in the first place. I can help and work with you to put bad experiences behind you and to move forwards to a more positive future. It is possible to change negative thinking and habits that may have plagued you for most of your life. I want to show you how you can really get to know yourself and find the hope, self belief, courage and motivation to achive your goals and dreams. You can live the life you want to and you can feel that zest for life return.

My symptoms have now been in remission for many years, I would like to work with you to show you that this can be done and that Anxiety and Panic can never stop you being successful and achieving your goals in life.

That is what Life Coaching is all about. Making the decision to go through with this process could be the best decision that you have ever made.